Saturday, May 31, 2008

Be the donkey...

Graduation: What does that mean? Quite literally it means moving from one level to the next. It is, in the academic sense, the completion of a degree and having it conferred for the world to know. In just about every sense of graduation, academic and otherwise, there is this inherent notion of moving up, success, becoming better or greater than before...

On graduation day we had the opportunity as students with our families to attend a chapel service. In that service there was a story shared about the desire to graduate from a little colt to a great, mighty, strong, and beautiful horse... often times that is our hope in starting a degree come out on the other side a great, well educated person that people look to for wealths of information. Quickly though, we were reminded it was a donkey, not a horse, that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. There was fanfare from every angle, but it wasn't for the donkey, it was for Jesus.

Graduating to become pastors, teachers, and leaders we must become the donkey... going out to be a part of this new church plant, I must become the donkey. My hope, nothing more and nothing less is to be someone the Lord can use to advance His message, His kingdom, to the world. Will you be a donkey too?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Final Class Today

I just got home from my final seminary class. Don't be fooled...I still have a TON of work to get done before graduation, but there was just something cool, special and weird about actually sitting with my friends in class today. My last day of class was actually in one of my favorite seminary classes yet. It's call number is PR/WO 700 titled Creative Preaching on the Sacraments. Dr. Lester Ruth teaches this class. It's truly been an awesome semester in an intimate class of only six students. We are better known as the Ubersight Team... If you want to know what Ubersight is, just ask :)

I have posted our class picture and a picture with my buddy Chad from this class. If you're at Asbury and you have the opportunity I highly recommend that you take this class. More seminary memories sharing and celebration to come as graduation nears!

Prayer Requests:
Endurance for the week ahead
Housing in Chapel Hill, NC
Employment for both Jeanine and I
Good transition from Wilmore

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jesus Still Speaks Today

Really He does...

Check out the Asbury Reader online. We have journeyed as a community to read scripture together as a practice of the means of grace.

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