Monday, August 27, 2007

Living vs. Existing

To live is an everyday choice... What I mean is, we can go on existing without living. Existing seems to me to be what happens when each and every day we are the same as we were yesterday. Living is striving for abundant life - a life that is better today than it was yesterday. The problem comes when we try to find abundant life on our own or when we look to possessions or other people for abundant life. We can try our hardest and fight until we have no strength left, but every time we will come up short (I know, I've tried).

Abundant life is received. Not earned, not bought, simply received. When we go looking for the wrong things, in the wrong places, clawing our way through, I dare to say, we are still only existing. But, when we open ourselves to humbly receive, then, then we can live. To live we must simply receive what the One who created us did to redeem us. When we receive the redemption, the greatest love of all, a change takes place and each day we are compelled to be more like the one who saved us.

Are there still struggles? Everyday. See it is easier to go on existing; it is easier to give up. There are things in this world that try to de-rail those who are truly living - Believe me, I struggle quite often! But, each day we have the opportunity to decide what we will do with this life; Exist or Live. The more we choose to exist, the harder it is to live, but the more we decide to live, the harder it is to exist. In living, sometimes we stumble, but there is opportunity for repentance and forgiveness, even when we fall.

I want to encourage you to click play below (you may have to wait a minute for the player to finish loading). If you've ever struggled with living I think you can probably identify with this song. For me, it captures my struggle between existing and living. If you want to live - there is hope today.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back in town

It's official. Jeanine and I are back in good ol' Wilmore. We have arrived back in Wildcat territory, but I have to confess I'm still gone to Carolina in my mind (I'm singing it too!) Really, we had such an awesome summer! It was hard for both of us to leave Thomasville. We made some life-long friendships and saw God at work in so many ways. Many thanks to all the folks at Mt. Zion Wesleyan for their welcoming love and hospitality. We have memories that we will cherish for years to come!

Jeanine is already back in school teaching Freshman English again this year and I am trying to get re-adjusted to academic life here at Asbury. We are buckling up and settling in for our final year here in Wilmore.

May you feel the presence of the Lord in a special way today!
-Justin & Jeanine

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Jeanine and I finally got the opportunity to meet up with my mom, Suzanne, and brother, Joseph to check out the new whitewater training facility in Charlotte. It was quite impressive. They do two hour raft trips just about all day every day and they have three different whitewater runs to choose from. They have multiple rock climbing walls and hiking and biking trails all over the place.

If I lived closer I could definitely learn to love this whitewater park. There is a lot of volume in a little area making the water a little pushy, and in constant motion. Just about every single eddy on the river is so strong that it actually has upstream flow to it. The rapids are really continuous. We really enjoyed exploring the park and watching all the rafts. The number of hard boaters was pretty low. We were able to demo some of the boats they have there, you just have to bring your own equipment. I think my favorite part was getting to ride the conveyor belt from the bottom pool to the top pool.

If you get the chance, definitely check this place out!