Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back in town

It's official. Jeanine and I are back in good ol' Wilmore. We have arrived back in Wildcat territory, but I have to confess I'm still gone to Carolina in my mind (I'm singing it too!) Really, we had such an awesome summer! It was hard for both of us to leave Thomasville. We made some life-long friendships and saw God at work in so many ways. Many thanks to all the folks at Mt. Zion Wesleyan for their welcoming love and hospitality. We have memories that we will cherish for years to come!

Jeanine is already back in school teaching Freshman English again this year and I am trying to get re-adjusted to academic life here at Asbury. We are buckling up and settling in for our final year here in Wilmore.

May you feel the presence of the Lord in a special way today!
-Justin & Jeanine


The LeRoys said...

glad to have you crazy kids back in town. and very glad for your rich experience on the mountain. it was clear that you were very loved and appreciated. ol' north carolina's not half bad, huh? Much love.

Keith said...

Dito to Matt. Good to have you back. I am looking foreward to another year together with you. By the way, what is story of the art work you posted?