Saturday, July 26, 2008

4 years ago this week...

This was the scene in our lives four years ago this week. After an awesome celebration we were off to the Dominican and a week later we found ourselves newly married in Wilmore. It's seriously crazy to think that four years have already gone by and how much our lives have changed in that time. To really see the growth in our own lives and in our marriage some times we have to stop and take a retrospective look. As we've taken this week to celebrate, remember, relax and plan, my love for Jeanine continues to deepen and I look forward to what the future holds. More than that, I cherish today and each day that I get to be married to this wonderful woman, this child of God. This is the scene four years later, with the echoes of the waves, the expanse of the ocean, and The Lord standing, touching, close...we reaffirm our love and committment to each other. It is only from here that we can take our next steps forward.
Celebrate Marriage, Celebrate Today!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's late, but I'm excited to share this with you, so I'm going to stay up just a few more minutes. It's always exciting to debut a new video that I've been working on...It's so much fun to see a project comes together and to see how things just "fall into place" (but I don't even notice till like the fifth time I've watched it). Anyway, this video debut is especially fun because it was a project for our District Conference of the North Carolina East District of the Wesleyan Church. This was just to share the vision we have for the city on a hill project. It's an honor really to share it with you here.

Click on the logo to check out the website. If you are interested in partnering with us be sure to click on the "become a partner" link. Thanks.....It's time for bed!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New Place

Welcome! Check out the video below to get a tour of our new place -

It wouldn't have been possible to get this apartment without the help of our District Administrators, so for that we are extremely grateful! And...and...there is no way we would even been in our apartment now if it weren't for JEFF LARUE and JOSH KEESLING...we would still be unloading the truck if it weren't for these two guys carrying couches and boxes up three flights of steps with us! Thanks guys!!

Anytime you're coming to or through NC stop by and see us. We're just off of I-40.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Farewell to Wilmore

We've had an amazing journey through these past four years in Wilmore. Our lives have no doubt been impacted and even changed by the many awesome people we have met along the way. The Lord has called us, as most of you know, to be a part of a church plant team in Chapel Hill, NC. You can find out more about the church at . Last Wednesday we loaded up our moving truck with the help of several servant hearted friends and Thursday morning we set out for our new home... To see how much fun we had check out the video below!

Thanks to all who helped load the truck - Debbie and Simon Noakes, Matt and Sarah LeRoy, Dan and Stephanie Bellinger, Tom (the Boost) Boustead, Eric Crip, Keith, Eve, and Claire Jagger, Josh Keesling (who is also now an NC resident), and a cameo appearance by new parents Jeremiah and Lindsay Aja and there precious Annabella Jewel.

We made it to NC and we'll be posting a tour of our new apartment real soon.

Farewell Wilmore.
Justin & Jeanine