Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's late, but I'm excited to share this with you, so I'm going to stay up just a few more minutes. It's always exciting to debut a new video that I've been working on...It's so much fun to see a project comes together and to see how things just "fall into place" (but I don't even notice till like the fifth time I've watched it). Anyway, this video debut is especially fun because it was a project for our District Conference of the North Carolina East District of the Wesleyan Church. This was just to share the vision we have for the city on a hill project. It's an honor really to share it with you here.

Click on the logo to check out the website. If you are interested in partnering with us be sure to click on the "become a partner" link. Thanks.....It's time for bed!


kerry said...

Hey Justin and all: Jule and I enjoyed watching it. We felt it could use a little more action during the first half, but after people arrived, it proved to be worth the wait. Sound track was super. More importantly, we are excited about your project together in Chapel Hill and we're definitely pulling and praying for you. Great job!

dan said...
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dan said...

loved it! praying for you guys!!!

keith said...

Nice touch.

Love you guys. Way to give a good chuck of the word. I kept listening the whole time.