Sunday, February 11, 2007

Embarking on Number 6...

The sixth semester of seminary that is. It is really unbelievable how quickly this third year in Kentucky has been flying by. Jeanine and I made a little transition this January. With the help of some great friends, we moved a mile and half across Wilmore. Moving from the next door neighbors that we love so dearly and the comforts of a 2 bedroom duplex with central air and nice yard, we now live in seminary housing. We've got a cozy little one bedroom place where the kitchen is the hallway from the living room to the bedroom. (So maybe the transition wasn't so little after all). The adjustment is taking some time, but we are getting settled in. We've created a short little video of our move and our new place. If you want to check it out just drop us an email.

This sixth semester of the seminary journey is looking like a challenge at this point, but it is already looking like one of growth...growth of not only my mind but my heart as well. Songs are often marks in time that bring back memories both good and bad. I would say that songs for me are able to break into the depths of my heart like few other things can and they so often become prayers. What I would call my seminary song is a reworking of the hymn "Take my Life (and let it be)" by Chris Tomlin.

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I've been introduced to an artist and a song that is the cry of my heart and will be the mark of this semester. I encourage you to check this out. The song is "Pressing into You" by Isa Couvertier. She is going to be coming to campus early in March to share her gift and love for the Lord.

If this blog really makes so sense it's most likely because I'm excited and nervous about all that this semester holds. I pray for discernment and wisdom as we seek the Lord and where he may be calling us. I'm so thankful for my wife and her amazing love and support. There is a group of guys that I affectionately call The Fellowship that stretch me and push me in my walk with the Lord...these guys are living examples of the Love of Christ in so many ways. For all you friends and family that lift Jeanine and I up in prayer - thank you! It is life giving for sure.

Ok, enough rambling! Praise be to the one who set us free!
With Love,

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