Monday, April 23, 2007

The pain of loss...

As I was out on the river yesterday the sun was beaming down and the water was just gorgeous. I couldn't help but look around and just take in the beauty of Creation, from the biggest wave on the river to the smallest flower on the bank. On such a beautiful day, in such an awesome setting, it's difficult to understand or make sense of the danger, tragedy, pain, and evil that is evident everyday. All the pain and suffering in the world is evident not only on the news, but in our own day to day lives.

It was one week ago today that the tragedy at Virginia Tech unfolded, taking many lives and physically wounding many others. Beyond the physical wounds, the emotional wounds spread even further, leaving people living in fear with doubts about the goodness that exists. One year ago today I had to struggle through some of these same feelings. One year ago today a good friend of mine, Sally Naas, passed away while kayaking on a beautiful day on a familiar river. In whitewater kayaking, there is an inherent danger, but it that danger had never been realized like it was on April 23, 2006. The pain that I felt in the loss of this friend was one of the most difficult things I've had to work through in my life.

In the face of tragedy, the reaction is almost always to ask "Why, God?". So really, why, if God is so powerful, loving and so good, do these things happen?
Well, I want to answer those questions, and I will. If I answered them now, this would be a longer blog than you would want to read. In the coming days I will post a response. Right now I would just like to focus on remembering and lifting up those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy and the loss of Sally Naas. Please remember in both cases the emergency services personel and those who experienced the situations first hand. I especially would ask that you lift up Woody Naas, Sally's husband and members of the West Virginia Wildwater Association that were on the kayaking trip. The pain of loss in both situations is beyond measure.
Remembering one week ago...and one year

Broken hearts will be healed by love!

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