Thursday, October 25, 2007

A prayer from a broken heart....

There is no part of me that is hidden from you.
You have known me from before my first breath.

My life has been selfish, greedy, gluttonous and lustful.

My sin is punishable by death...hopeless death.
But loved me even in hopelessness.

Unworthy, broken, lost,condemned -

You made a way for me from the deepest, darkest places.

You are my redemption; death has died and I am free!

You are the redemption for all who come!
If you saved me, surely there is none without hope!
You are my salvation! You and you alone!
- Your Child, Justin


The LeRoys said...

amen! what a prayer / poem.
don't you love it when those two crash together?

Anne said...

Well put, Justin. Now put it to music...