Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fuzzy View?

Here's my next attempt at a video blog. I have to say I think I must have been half a sleep in doing this one. I was struggling for words a bit more which you can't see when I'm just typing. Anyway, check it out. After the video there are some links and stuff at the bottom.

Ok, I'm not saying that I or these guys at Rhythm have it all figured out or that they are a "perfect" church. What I am saying is that they are doing some "new" things and trying to focus on being the church instead of doing church. They don't have a website right now, but they are using Google Groups to communicate and seem to be using it effectively. Go check out the Google Group, and especially if you live anywhere close to Indianapolis, think about getting connected here and trying something different. http://groups.google.com/group/777-indy?hl=en

There is another organization that Jeanine and I have come to really know and love. I'm not really sure where it is based out of, but it is very much a movement type of ministry. It's called "To Write Love on Her Arms". It is basically about reaching out with the Gospel to people who are addicted to the chemical reaction that takes place in the practice of cutting. The statistics are staggering of how many people are cutting themselves. Check out this their website and prepare to be moved. http://www.twloha.com/


Anonymous said...

Um... it's based out of Orlando... hence the amazingness...

The LeRoys said...

love the new 'vlog' format. and the fuzzy view take is great. keep asking these good questions. peace.