Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day among days...

A day among days...
Today is a day among days... It's the day of our church's annual district conference where the vision and course is set for the coming days and years. It's a day of being with friends from across the state and hearing how God is moving and working.

Today, as a part of this gathering, is my ordination for ministry as a pastor in the Wesleyan church and The Church which is the presence of Jesus Christ in the world today. Over the past few days I've been reflecting on this day and what is Ordination.

Ordination is not something of man. Though there will be people of God gathered round and laying hands on those of us being ordained, it is not they who ordain. I've been to college and seminary - I give to ministries financially and of my time - I've gone to interviews and conferences - I do a lot of things, but ordination is not something I earned. No, ordination is not because I'm different, more special, more loved or more holy than anyone else.

Ordination, as best I can understand it from scripture and the calling of prophets teachers and leaders, is something that can only come from God. It's much like salvation and life transformation, it's a gift of grace to an undeserving, maybe even unlikely person. That free gift of salvation doesn't leave a person the same; it brings about change over time. In that process each person is given gifts of the spirit (strengths to carry out God's purpose and calling in your life) because we are all called to serve the Kingdom of God - some as teachers, some as prophets, some as preachers, builders, leaders and janitors. God alone gives freely of love and grace and each is ordained to serve.

Tonight's ordination service is specifically a recognition of God's work in a person's life to lead the church. I'm humbled to be a part of this and so thankful for the family and friends who have helped guide me in my relationship with Jesus. He created each of us different, special, and loved, and wants us to be Holy as He is Holy.

This is a day among days! To God be the Glory!

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Anonymous said...

It is a day for celebration, Justin. I pray that today is nothing but sweet for you and your family. You are a blessing!