Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A surreal moment...

The picture is not so great, but I had to share it. I'll capture a better one in the light of morning. This Sunday, October 4, our new church plant will make it's LANDING into the community of Chapel Hill. Where are we landing? The center of it all, one of Chapel Hill's greatest landmarks: The Varsity Theater. To be clear, we're not owners of the building, or operators really. We are a church meeting at The Varsity on Sunday mornings at 11. Our hope is to see The Varsity remain a central business in the heart of Chapel Hill, inviting and inspiring a creative community. We love this place! Just a little while ago, I got to write our web address...Letter...by...Letter across the marquee. Surreal is the only word to describe it. I really still can't believe it's actually up there! We want people to know what's happening, but we also want them to know that this is a church for them... This is a church for me and for you; for us all types of people, and maybe even those who don't really like church. You're totally invited to come see what is a bout to happen at 11am on October 4. Varsity Theater, Chapel Hill, NC. www.lovechapelhill.com

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