Thursday, March 17, 2011

He was trafficked over 1600 years ago...

Over 1600 years ago there was a young boy of 14 years, trafficked as a slave from Scotland to land of Druids and pagans. As a slave for over 6 years tending sheep he learned the local language and culture. Finally, he escaped his captors and was reunited with his family.

In an act of redemption, God called this freed slave back to his captors. Once captive, now free, he brought the Good News of Jesus - Hope, Salvation, LOVE to transform this dark, rough land... Ireland.

St. Patrick himself was a victim of human trafficking. He turned around and fought it head on by returning to the very people who captured him and showed them love and compassion like they'd never seen!

How are we fighting this horrific crime today? As you celebrate this day of green, in whatever way you may be, remember those who are in slavery and those who hold them captive. St. Patrick helped transform a nation. So can you!

Read more on the story of St. Patrick here.

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