Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting Started

Welcome to our new Blog! We are new at this and look forward to learning as we go along. Right now Jeanine and I are both a little swamped with school and its been a semester that has no doubt stretched us both.

Back in October we had the opportunity to visit the Smoky Mountains. It was so beautiful to see the transformation of the leaves as Fall is in full swing down in Tennessee. We got to see some pretty awesome pieces of God's creation and we've posted just a few pictures here from our trip.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We will be posting more soon!



The LeRoys said...

I have the honor of being your first comment. Sweet. Welcome to the blogosphere. Okay, I am now grounding myself for a week for saying blogosphere.

keith said...

Wow! This scenery is like ten times more beautiful than I imagined when you described your weekend.


stre said...

mr. simmons-
great pictures!

hope your finals week is working out well!