Friday, November 17, 2006

Can White Boys Rap?

Under any normal circumstances I would say it is highly unlikely, at least that it would be any good. Rapping is like dancing - better left to those with a little rhythm!

Jeanine and I just got back from one of the coolest concerts I've ever experienced. Right here in Versailles, KY the west coast sound of Mr. Paul Wright filled the ears of a meager little audience. Just the man and his guitar praising the one who put the song in his heart.

If you've never heard Paul Wright before click on the picture of his guitar and check out his tunes on myspace. Not only can he rap but he can make a six string rock. Acoustic Rap - seems almost like an oxymoron but this guy has got it and gives it all for the glory of the Lord. The poetic creativity bottled up in this one guy just flows so naturally - what he calls Freestylin'.
Christianity Today says: “Paul Wright...redefines the singer-songwriter image by demonstrating how creative and revolutionary one can be with this classical musical form. Wright’s music is nothing less than a compelling fusion of progressive pop, energized rock and the pure essence of early hip-hop expression.”

One of the most awesome things about this intimate concert setting was at the end - there was no encore - Paul Wright came right off the stage and talked with each person there! Jeanine and I got to say hello and share our gratitude. He was just a real guy, I'm pretty sure we could have hung out, but I was just too shy to ask....maybe next time! Jeanine did get an autograph on her new CD and we had an incredible time.
This white boy can rap! Paul Wright - Freestylin' for the Lord - Go check him out!!


keith said...

Never heard of him till now. I'll keep my eyes open. I'll ask you in a few months to borrow the cd.

TaEguy said...

that's some good stuff!