Thursday, September 27, 2007

Four score; well, at least 26 years ago...

I must admit this is a little weird for me. I actually just read this story for the first time yesterday. It is my birth narrative, if you will; written by my mom soon after I was born. So here I am sharing it with you, the world. Don't worry it's not too graphic or gross, but if your curiosity needs piquing, I was born in the back of an ambulance! Check it out:

"I guess you've all heard that Justin Michael finally made his arrival, although not exactly as planned. I had no intention of even going to the hospital in an ambulance, let alone having the baby in one! As it turned out, there wasn't much time for choices. For those of you who haven't heard the story, here's how it went: I started into labor about 7 p.m. The contractions were strong, and came every 1 to 3 1/2 minutes. They lasted from 31 to 57 seconds, but were never regular. Because they were irregular and started so quickly, I believed it was false labor. Luckily, my mother was with me, and she, "just knew" I was really in labor, and that the baby was closer than I thought. She called my doctor and told him we were on our way. She then called a friend at the ambulance base to tell her we were leaving for the hospital. When Mom told her how close the contractions were she wanted us to call Station 31 and let them take me to the hospital, but I was still determined I wasn't going in an ambulance. A few minutes later, the ambulance called to say they were on the way (my friend had called on her own), and wanted me to let them take me in. Mom wasn't sure the ambulance would get there in time. The ambulance arrived, they timed a few contractions, and then loaded me into the ambulance. They called the hospital and, after my next contraction, we began to move. We got out of the parking lot and into the road when the baby started coming. They stopped the ambulance and, with the next contraction, he was born. It happened so fast!! It was 8:09 p.m., and the labor lasted just over one hour. After the paramedics cleaned him up, I heard that wonderful first cry, and I got to hold him; he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. We dimmed the lights in the back, and he opened his big dark blue eyes and looked around at everyone. I want to praise my friends and co-workers for safely delivering Justin. After the pediatrician saw him and assured us he was completely healthy, they told me the cord had been wrapped around his neck twice. They just took care of the problem without ever skipping a beat. If not for you all, I might not have my wonderful little boy."

As I read through this story, my heart is humbled. I am reminded of our human frailties and our dependence on God and others. I am grateful for God's faithfulness and His hand when I see that I may not have even been able to take my first breath.

God, Thank you for the provision of life. You are my Father, the one who brought breath to my lungs. Draw me near to you so that everything I do is done for your glory and not my own. Fill my lungs again today that I may breathe you in! It's in you that I find my hope and my delight.
Thank you for the paramedics that worked as your hand on this day, 26 years ago.
May each of them feel your presence in a special way today.
All praise be to your holy name. Amen