Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Lady

Celebrating 26 years of a beautiful life of a beautiful lady, today! I am constantly amazed by my wife, by her depth, her wisdom, her humor, and her love.

I give thanks to the Lord of All, the Author of Love, that He has entrusted me with this gift to love, nurture and protect.

I pray that we celebrate thousands more years walking hand in hand...and then, I'm reminded that in Christ we're blessed with an eternity!

All Praise, Glory, and Honor be His!


The LeRoys said...
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The LeRoys said...

I love your "lady" too Justin! She is an amazing girl. Thanks Jeanine for your friendship! - Sarah

Marmalade said...

I too love "your Lady", J, but I know her as "my daughter" and I couldn't be prouder of the wonderful woman she has grown up to become. Talented, loving, kind, and smart...a constant source of inspiration for me, and a beautiful example of a life filled with God's grace and love!