Thursday, November 22, 2007

Put the phone down

In our hundred mile an hour, on the go, fast paced world it seems we've always got to be least seemingly connected. People are giving up their land line phones and carrying their cell phones with them every where they go. Before you write me off as some old man trying to get back to the fifties let me say that Jeanine and I don't have a land line and we really enjoy the convenience of our cell phones (not sure what we'd do without them!).

While I enjoy the conveniences and would LOVE to have an iPhone, there are a few down sides I've noticed. They certainly make us available all the time, whether work or fun, they can cut into what used to be times of rest; they allow us to more easily screen our calls (guilty); and they open the door to an increase in rudeness and decrease in personal skills (as if we needed help). I'm pretty sure these are only compounded by the invention of what I call the bionic ear - aka - blue tooth hands free device.

I was in the drive through just this past week and I was talking to my buddy Drew. As I ordered and then as I pulled up to the window I asked Drew to hold on (sorry Drew) so I could lay the phone down and have a conversation with the person working the drive through. Just as I was getting ready to pull away he thanked me for putting my phone down - I didn't even think he saw me. I was then convicted for all the times I had driven through or walked up to a counter while I was on the phone. The people in the drive throughs and behind the counters are offering a service that I (and probably we) have taken too much for granted.

Let's show our appreciation, whether in a store or a restaurant, when we're being served - put the phone down.

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