Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In a new place...

June 9th – 10th
Some how we’ve passed through a time portal from Monday into Tuesday. We left the states on Monday and arrived in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday. As I type we’re sitting in the Dublin airport. Already I’m feeling the decrease of my comfort level. Maybe it was entering the Dublin airport and getting frisked and felt in places better left to my wife…I really didn’t have any metal on me to set off the detectors…seriously. My decreased level of comfort I think is more due to the different place, different rules, different way of life and having to leave my American Ego on the plane. It’s going to be an interesting adjustment over the next couple days. Luckily we won’t be going through metal detectors again for two weeks. We’re going to hang here a little longer and then cross over to Scotland... unfortunately it’s about 4am EST…and I’m a little sleepy…the sun is up and the day has definitely begun here at 9am. Check out a couple pictures from the flight.

Our plane that brought us through the night.

Jeanine enduring the night of flight.

More to come...hopefully we can find some free internet! Peace.

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