Monday, June 23, 2008

what's old?

Today we visited Stirling Castle on our way from Glasgow to Dunfermline. This castle is near the memorial for William Wallace (Brave Heart) and is in the vicinity of where the real battles actually took place. What I'm noticing as we've been in and out of castles and cathedrals nearly everyday for two weeks is that I'm not sure what is old anymore. At home, in the states, if something dates back to the Civil War or even the American Revolution it is really, we've walked in the place, in structures, that are aged over a millenium. The castle from today is dated dated back to around the year 900, but it is thought to have been used even back in pre-historic times. To walk where royalty and noblity have lived and died is really somewhat disorienting. While most places here date back to the 16th and 17th's easy to say, but to comprehend that these things existed before our country is a little crazy. We've seen so many awesome things on this trip. Here are just a few picture of some relatively old places.

Tomorrow, we fly from Edinburgh to Dublin. We'll be back in the states on Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Amy Thornberry said...

Can I just say I'm totally jealous of the fact you were in Ireland?! I have to wait till Spring Break to get out there! Ugh!