Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 11th - Activity in Edinburgh

How was your night of sleep? My appreciation for sleep last night was heightened after being up for what seemed like three days. After a good night of sleep we set out today to explore the streets of Edinburgh, including the famous and quite old Edinburgh Castle. I’ve wrestled with what to write about today, as I imagine will be the case many days while were here in Scotland. As we were walking this afternoon we saw this store with a sign that said “this is your store so come on in”. Curious I looked on in the window. It soon became obvious that this was a group of people with an activist mentality. While I’m not sure of their cause, I have to say I like what I’ve seen of their approach. They have this story front, right off main street, storefront where they can have one on one personal conversations about their cause. In the window they had this creatively done message(click on the picture to enlarge and read it)…a message that many if not most would be touched by. These people rely on the power of personal communication in creative ways. On this trip, I’m reading “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” by Chuck Hunter. Appropriately, I began reading in Dublin, Ireland. The book begins by telling the story of St. Patrick. If you don’t know the story I encourage you to read what you can about it. In a nutshell he felt the Lord call him to reach a place written off by the church as barbarian and unreachable. He went to the church leaders and told them of his calling. Though they could have easily squelched the leading of the Spirit, they embraced this crazy, radical, and reckless call. With that, St. Patrick went and initiated one of the most amazing movements in Church history, reaching the people of Ireland and Scotland. Though I’m getting into the methodologies now, I know that they were anything but conventional. He used creative, innovative methods to share the Gospel and change lives. Much the way these people here in Edinburgh are advancing their cause, and in the same reckless, crazy way St. Patrick set out to an “unreachable” people, I hope that we have the wisdom, courage and faith to love the people of Chapel Hill.

Here are a few pictures for you (sorry about the alignment, not bloggers greatest feature). Also, don’t forget to check out Jeanine’s blog: “So here I am in Scotland.”


Our hotel -

Edinburgh Castle -
A side entrance to the castle, but don't tell the gaurds -

Another view from across the city -

A view from the top of the castle -